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All instant downloads, training videos and Sprout-owned stock photography are licensed solely for use at the above named community (CLIENT) during the length of membership. The assets may not be used at other communities either in print or digital format. Sharing assets or content will result in immediate termination of membership and any consequential legal action. Once your membership is cancelled, all rights and licensing to above listed materials are revoked.


If you would like to transfer membership to a different community, please email our Support Department: hello@watchyourbusinesssprout.com. New set-up fees may apply.


CLIENT agrees to indemnify SPROUT MARKETING, INC from all costs, liabilities, claims and demands resulting from the publishing or distribution of their marketing designs and collateral. Written permission from SPROUT MARKETING, INC is required to duplicate any work provided to the CLIENT. Sprout Marketing, INC may use any design for its own promotional purposes. CLIENT warrants that all materials provided to Sprout Marketing, INC (artwork, photographs, design work, copy, logos, etc.) are in compliance with any state, federal, or local laws. CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that their collateral meets the Fair Housing Act requirements. SPROUT MARKETING, INC owns all fonts and stock photography used in any assets. If CLIENT uses them outside of Sprout Marketing, INC, CLIENT will need to purchase them. SPROUT MARKETING, INC is not responsible for checking into or facilitating any legal items on behalf of the brand. CLIENT is responsible for doing all brand research and legal discovery.


FULL TERMS OF USE and additional Terms of Use for Sprout Stock Photography and proprietary training materials can be found here. 


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